What if I start to feel suicidal?

It’s especially important to have a plan in place to help yourself if you start to feel suicidal and to make a promise to yourself that you’ll use it. You can start by using the plan on the next page. Make a list of the phone numbers of trusted friends, health care providers and crisis hotlines you can call if/when you are having trouble. Your life is important, and as strong as suicidal thoughts may seem, they are a temporary and treatable symptom of your illness. Get help as soon as you start having these thoughts. One national crisis hotline you can use is 1-800-273-8255 (TALK). You can also check your local phone directory or ask your health care providers for a local crisis line number.

Make sure you can’t get hold of any weapons, old medications or anything else you could use to hurt yourself. Throw away all medications you are no longer taking. Have someone else hold onto your car keys. Don’t use alcohol or illegal drugs, because they can make you more likely to act on impulse.

My Plan for Life

I promise myself:
If I start to think about suicide, or am in any other type of crisis, I will contact these family members or friends:

NAME:________________________________ PHONE:__________________________

NAME:________________________________ PHONE: __________________________

NAME:________________________________ PHONE: __________________________

I will also:

  • Call my doctor or a suicide hotline, or go to a hospital if necessary.
  • Remind myself that my brain is lying to me and making things seem worse than they are. Suicidal thoughts are not based on reality, they are a symptom of my illness.
  • Remember that my life is valuable and worthwhile, even if it doesn’t feel that way right now.
  • Stick with my prescribed treatment plan and remember to take my medications.
  • Remember to call my health provider(s) if I don’t feel safe or if I’m having problems.
  • Get in contact with other people who have a mood disorder.
  • Stay away from alcohol and illegal drugs.
  • Have someone take away anything I could use to hurt myself.
  • Stay aware of my moods, know my warning signs and get help early.
  • Be kind to myself