What are some of things I can do to Managing Cost of Treatment?

  • Talk to your health care provider(s) and try to work out lower fees or a payment plan.
  • Use community or state-provided services, many of which offer a sliding payment scale.
  • Space out your allowable psychotherapy visits over time and work on developing skills you can use between visits.
  • Ask your doctor to contact the pharmaceutical company that makes your medication to see if you are eligible to receive free medication. Ask if your doctor has any medication samples to give you.
  • Ask your doctor to contact your insurance company and ask if they will allow more treatment for you.
  • If you are having a hard time getting insurance because you’ve had treatment for mental illness, your state may have a risk pool, which offers insurance for hard-to-insure individuals. You may find additional information at www.healthinsurance.org/riskpoolinfo.html.
  • Get help before there is a crisis. A brief appointment to talk about how you’re feeling or adjust your medication costs less than a hospital stay.